and preventive
care for all skin types
Sensitive, reactive skin
and/or intolerant. With itching,
tightness, hives and peeling.
shiny and/or
acne-prone skin.
and/or intolerant skin
in need of daily comfort
dull and/or
lacking in energy
Skin with blemishes,
uneven skin tone
and/or photo-ageing
Dull, dull skin,
lack of radiance
and/or devitalised skin.
ampoules for intensive
1 week treatment.
All skin types with signs of
flaccidity and lack of tone
All skin types
with first signs
of ageing.
Eye contour
with bags, dark circles,
wrinkles or prevention.
Skin with signs of
ageing, sagging and/or
lack of nutrition.
Concentrates with
specific solutions
for all skin types.
facial masks.
delicate and/or
reddened skin.
protects and tans
facial complements.