Our mission is to be the exclusive partner brand for professional cosmetics.
With a close collaboration with our customers, getting to know them, sharing their needs, and growing together.
Our customer is the focus of our management.

Anubis Cosmetics contributes to the improvement of our well-being and quality of life by providing beauty centers, Medical-Spa centers, and aesthetic clinics, with the most advanced professional aesthetic treatments on the market. We offer a high component of innovation and development based on results, and also a high capacity of response and adaptation, which allows to fully cover the specific needs of each client.

With almost 4 decades of experience and a wide range of products, with nearly 150 facial and body references that cover all the needs of the skin, Anubis Cosmetics develops highly effective treatments and cosmetics technology, which, together with a committed and highly qualified professional team, make it a reference in the professional cosmetics sector and positions it among the leading brands in the market.

We have an important and ever-growing international distribution chain, present in more than 44 countries. In each one of them we adapt to the needs of our clients and to their different circumstances and types of market, by following, evaluating, and giving constant support in their evolutions, with the aim of continuing to grow by their side and expanding internationally until we are present in the 7 continents.

1. Family company
We continue to build our business on the foundation of a family business, created from the restless and entrepreneurial character of the Sainz family. Maintaining the initial premises of closeness and flexibility that allow us to adapt to the needs of our customers in a very competitive market in continuous evolution.

2. Continuous Innovation
Our greatest investment is based on the development of new lines and formulations that allow us to move forward with continuous improvement and added value, placing us at the forefront of professional cosmetics. Our innovative formulations are based on biotechnological actives to obtain high level products, which are guaranteed by scientific studies: INTELLIGENT COSMETICS.

3. Training: Anubis Technical Trainings.
We base our training on three concepts: INTELLIGENT COSMETICS, ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE, PASSION FOR TRAINING. A quality product must always be accompanied by a good skin diagnosis and a specific protocol to guarantee the best results. To this end, we have a committed and highly qualified technical team that provides continuous and specialized training.

4. Commitment to the client: 360º support
We have established a 360º concept that allows us to cover the expectations of our clients. We are advised and guided by an internal and external team that places both our clients and our distributors at the focus of our management.

5. Maximum professionalism
High responsibility and commitment to the company, establishing good standards of work and collaboration. We give value to all our team, promoting respect and ensuring the development of people's skills.

1982:Inception of Anubis Cosmetics, the result of the experience gained in professional cosmetics and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Sainz family.

The 90's: International expansion begins, with Paraguay being the first country where the company products and treatments are exported. Development of the SHINING LINE, having a great success that gave the opportunity to grow in the international market.

2003: Anubis Cosmetics renews its brand image, redesigning its logo. It launches the line EFFECTIVITY CAVIAR & PEARL with the new range of GOLD products, creating the most exclusive Anti-aging Global Treatment of the company.

2006: Due to the solid growth of the company, the main offices are moved to a larger location, expanding the sales, marketing, logistics, and distribution departments.

2008: Award for the EFFECTIVITY CAVIAR & PEARL CONTOUR CREAM by Beauty Pro Awards Professional Eye Care Product (Beauty Magazine Hong Kong).

2010: Consolidation and implementation of the brand in the Middle East. Beginning of distribution in South America.

2011: Award for the professional facial treatment ABSOLUTE ACTION 50/30 CABINE PACK by Grand Prix de la Beauté (Hong Kong). Award for the Best Communication Campaign with the most International Projection (BeautyForum, Spain).

2013: International expansion in more than 35 countries, with a growing presence in aesthetic clinics managed by dermatologists. Celebration of the Company's 30th Anniversary.

2015: The ANUBISMED cosmeceutical brand is born by launching treatment cocktails based on biomimetic peptides and growth factors. Award for the Best Medical Aesthetic Treatment of the Year by Vida Estética and Les Nouvelles Esthetique Awards.

2016: Award for the Aesthetic Brand with the Best Professional Career by Salon Look.

2017: 35th Anniversary of Anubis Cosmetics, with the evolution of the slogan and brand image to the new concept of Intelligent Cosmetics. The company's value and philosophy is improved by achieving a more scientific and technical conception, evolving along with the new market needs and the new consumer profile.

2018: Urban Detox Line achieves international recognition. It was nominated by Cosmotrends in Bologna (Skin defense warriors category) and by Expocosmética in Portugal (BeautyAwards, Stress Therapeutic category).

2019-2020: International expansion in Latin America with the incorporation of Mexico and Bolivia to our distribution network. We also open markets in Egypt, Oman, and Equatorial Guinea with a chain of pharmacies.

For Anubis, public relations and events are a strategic communication and marketing tool, in which the empathy of the professional with our company is a key factor. This work is recognized by the growing international projection that Anubis Cosmetics is currently experiencing, collaborating on numerous occasions with our clients and distributors worldwide.

These are events aimed exclusively at a professional audience to publicize the new products and treatments of our company as well as to conduct live demonstrations. We especially highlight regions of the Asian continent, such as Hong Kong, Vietnam or Guangzhou, as well as Dubai, Paris, Italy and Spain, among others.

As far as our presence in the press is concerned, we are active in the most renowned national and international professional cosmetics websites in the sector, through advertisements, banners, mailings, contests, articles, newsletters, and interviews. In the final client press, we continue in the most representative beauty and fashion magazines and websites: Elle, Telva, Marie Claire, Glamour, etc.

Anubis Cosmetics has a very wide global media outreach, with an excellent experience in the digital media thanks to its direct and indirect distribution. Through its own Facebook and Instagram, it has an extensive international social network that continues to grow with more than 50,000 fans, followers and bloggers around the world.